Smarking & Arrive are here and ready to support you with the tools to help you get back to business

In these uncertain times, what is certain is an impending recovery. Let us show you ways to expedite your return to revenue growth and take full advantage of new emerging customer behaviors, patterns, and safety demands. Now is the time to prepare for new opportunities, and we’re ready to help.

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Arrive is the leader and expert in developing and implementing low and no-touch digital payments

  • Low cost gate upgrade paths for every gate and lot type - QR Code, Bluetooth, LPR - to support mobile phone payments at gated, surface and valet facilities

  • Full support for pre-paid transactions and many on-demand scenarios

  • Available through Arrive distribution channels (Amazon, ParkWhiz, GM, Gasbuddy, etc.) and optional Operator-branded tools you can publish

  • Rapidly developing new products to offset loss of monthly parkers

Arrive’s partnership with Smarking provides dynamic pricing solutions for revenue recovery acceleration, as well as real time business intelligence to curb operational costs

  • Full Smarking integration enables automatic dynamic pricing in response the change in parking demand to accelerate revenue recovery 

  • Daily Market Watch Digest provides latest statistics of parking demand changes across the US, enabling timely benchmark for your business against the market during the COVID-19 pandemic and economy recovery

  • Leading Business Intelligence Software and Service for real time occupancy monitoring, daily budget goal tracking, comprehensive revenue forecasts, and more at no additional cost for unlimited users

  • Tracked links, widgets, and maps that allow partners, tenants and employers to promote your parking facilities and any type of pricing

  • Fully trackable so you can know where demand is coming from

  • Ability to have differentiated pricing by tool and marketing channel, including private prices for tenants or major employers

  • Opportunity for operator-branded materials and landing pages to reinforce your brand & value offering. Potential to share customer data with you as the operator

Arrive can provide resources you can offer to local businesses, tenants and employers to draw customers into your facilities


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Additional Tools from Arrive include No Touch Digital Payments and Trackable Marketing Resources

Rapid Response Price Tools and Analytics

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